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  • Email- Email is one of the most popular used features of the internet. It allows you to send and receive messages to other persons with an email address. There are many emails like- Yahoo mail, Gmail, AT&T, AOL etc.
  • Social Media- Social media is a great way to interact with family and friends. People use social media on their smartphones and laptops. There are many Social media apps that people are using, {Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram etc} to share photos, videos, messages and other information.
  • Windows- Windows has been the most famous operating system used by people for their personal computer. It provides the best way to store files, run software, watch videos, play games and connect to the internet.
Sep 21

How to Logging out of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is such a technological giant and has been booming ever since. This media platform has been able to give people a social life to people online and has given people an opportunity to communicate with their colleagues and friends. It has many more features including messages, uploading photos, and now stories, also, it allows comments and likes on photos which is a great communicative feature. It has made many other branches of their app, in a way that they have a Facebook messenger that....
Sep 17

Fix Wmiprvse.exe high usage in CPU windows 7

Wmipvrse.exe is a program that consumes the memory of the CPU by around 30% which later on directly affects the speed of our computer. This program also creates problems for the users like wmiprvse.exe high CPU windows 7. Here we have some solutions for you to fix the problem.    Services Related to WMI Must be Rebooted   All the services that are related to the WMI provider host Windows 7 are required to be rebooted by pressing the Windows key + Command prompt together.  Now you have to run....
Aug 24

What is Discord Spoiler Tags and How to Mark Spoilers on Discord?

The most recent and amazing feature added to the discord is the spoiler tag, it allows you to hide text or an image behind an overlay this gives the users an option those who are okay with the spoiler can click on the spoiler discord image, and those who are not can simply avoid it. There are many people who want to hide the spoiler of discord but don’t know its exact procedure, well we are here with the exact step-by-step procedure to hide the spoiler in the discord app, and you are just....
Jul 20

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

What do you usually do when you wake in the morning? Check your phone for Facebook updates? What happens if you take your phone in your hands and the very first thing that appears on your screen is that your Facebook account has been disabled? Ah! It might be more gruesome than anything else, isn’t it? Stick to the end of this article to know how you can recover your disabled Facebook account.   How can I recover my disabled Facebook account? In two ways your Facebook account can be disabled.....
Jul 16

3 Best Steps to Logout From Facebook on iPhone

Many times it happens that you are logged in to Facebook and suddenly, you realize that you are not or you lose focus on one thing and end up clicking a number of times on the lock icon, unable to get out of the Facebook situation. This is what is commonly known as "Logout of Facebook Messenger ."   How to Sign Out of Facebook messenger app? Open your Facebook web app, do not open new message in the chat window yet but rather Facebook iOS app. Scroll down till you reach the Settings section and....
Jul 15

How To Disable Comments On YouTube?

Are you also fond of uploading videos on YouTube? Now YouTube is no longer just a medium of entertainment, it has become more to earn fame and bucks along with a mode to get self-education. But what happens when you have uploaded a video on YouTube but the responses in the form of comments are too irritating? Unnecessary comments not only pull your confidence down, flood your screen with comment notification, but also signals YouTube to rank your videos accordingly. But don’t worry! You can....
Jun 3

Can't add an Yahoo! email account to Microsoft Outlook?

To set up Yahoo email on Microsoft Outlook , you’ll need an app password, also known as an application password. This is a different password than your regular email account password. One way to know that you need an app password -if you see the following message: 2-factor authentication is set up for your account. Please sign in using your application password.   1 Open Yahoo on your browser and select the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  2 Select Account info > Account....